Industrial Thermography

The contactless measurement of temperature distributions by using thermal cameras allows efficient and reliable monitoring and quality control of temperature-critical processes in the industry.


Temperature distribution measurement of CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) welding process with thermal cameras at high temperature range;

With this measurement, temperature distribution can be monitored on the welded parts during and after welding process. By using the recorded data “time vs temperature” curves can be generated on a single point or in a certain area. This data can be used to:
-Determine heat affected zones
-Maximum temperature reached during welding
-Validation of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the welding process.




Real-time observation of failure parts in power transformers provides test and maintenance teams accurate diagnosis and corrective actions in fast and effortless way.








Contactless inspection and reporting of transmission lines failing units is the efficient way of survey without any interruption of the power.

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