BreasTherm is breast thermography image analysis application. BreasTherm enables users to analyze and evaluate breast thermography images. BreasTherm can be used by thermography experts, doctors, researchers.

The main functions of BreasTherm are listed below. BreasTherm;

  • imports common thermograpy image files in csv format and displays them on the screen,
  • performs automated analysis to confirm thermography room fits the accepted standards,
  • performs automated analysis to confirm patient pose fits the accepted standards,
  • automated analysis of patient pose to check if it confirms the accepted standards,
  • automated and semi-automated breast region segmentation,
  • calculation of thermal statistics (mean, min, max, differences etc.) on the right and left breasts
  • automated hot spot detection,
  • editing of detected hot pots,
  • automated analysis report generation,
BreasTherm Main Screen
BreasTherm Main Screen
Segmentation Window
Patient Pose Analysis


Breast Segmentation

BreasTherm enables users to segment breast region for later evaluation. BreasTherm segments breast region automatically and also enables user to edit the segmentation. BreasTherm breast region segmentation approach is based on both axillae on the top and the parametric curves at the bottom.

Please visit the link to see the video of the segmentation of a thermogram by BreasTherm. via @YouTube 

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